Glen India, the leading innovative manufacturers of small kitchen appliances bring you the food chopper, a compact vegetable cutting machine for chopping, mashing and pureeing small quantities of food. With the powerful stainless steel blade you can prepare granular chutneys, mash bananas for baby food or even make tomato puree. You can chop nuts in millimeter size for garnishing.

Makes tomato puree

Indian vegetarian dishes are incomplete without tomato puree. You need to puree tomato almost on a daily basis. To make this task convenient and quick, Glen India vegetable chopper comes handy and makes smooth and consistent puree.

Chops onion and vegetables

Chopping onions and vegetables is a routine in Indian homes. The food chopper does this conveniently. Leave the age-old method of using knife and chopping board and buy the best chopper at unbelievably low prices.

Chops small quantity of nuts instantly for grating

For garnishing desserts or traditional sweet dishes, this electric chopper is very useful. It does coarse chopping for nuts so that the look of the dish is maintained.

Whisks eggs in a jiffy

Whisking of eggs in this food chopper is as easy as it can get. You get smooth and consistent whisked egg instantly to make a delicious omelet or a French toast. Also, it prevents any mess due to spillage.

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