Steam cooker

Good health is a derivative of healthy eating. Nature has gifted us with nutrient rich food, but our cooking practices destroy them. Food cooked with steam retains a higher level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals than by any other method. Since additional fat is not required for cooking, this helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. The Glen Steam Cooker helps you cook healthy steam cooked food easily. Made from high quality food grade plastic and with sleek design, this electric steam cooker lets you enjoy tasty food with low calories.

Ultra Compact Storage

The food steamer doesn´t occupy much kitchen space. Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily fitted in small spaces. It´s also easy to clean and carry when on travel, because of its light weight and planate design.

60 Minute Timer with Alarm

The cooking steamer comes with timer to allow you select a time as required by the recipe. The maximum time is 60 minutes, which suffices for almost all recipe requirements.

Online water filling

The steam cooker comes with an ergonomically designed inlet to pour water without any need to stop the cooking process, so you can fill the water while the cooking is on. The markings for minimum and maximum water levels are provided in the water container so that you can fill just the right amount for smooth operation of the appliance.

Slots for holding eggs

Steam cooked eggs are the most nutritive. With steam cooking most of the protein is retained in cooked yet natural state. To facilitate easy cooking, there are slots provided for eggs. It holds eggs and ensures even cooking of the yolk and albumen.

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